About Real Media Group

Real Media Group specialise in the design and production of interactive and engaging online content that is available across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices, revolutionising the way digital marketing collateral is both produced and presented for premium clients. Working in a variety of sectors we are trusted by a number of global brands to deliver a valuable range of products and services that allow them to engage with their customers, improve brand awareness and reduce costs.

Our Services


Our design team is a talented and forward-thinking group with a proven track record in providing creative services across a broad range of disciplines with a diverse skill set covering design for print, web and digital media.


Our digital solutions combine great design with interactive features to create an engaging experience for the end user. We add animation and navigation, embed videos and forms, and use infographics to convey data and statistics.


Proof reading service from an accredited member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

How can we be of benefit?

Impress and engage with new prospects using our new, unique and interactive way of presenting your content.

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Send prospects relevant content, industry news and factual information that keeps them interested and informed.

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When readers click on a product or link in your magazine, they are taken to that exact location on your website.

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A digital magazine eliminates overhead, production, and material costs that a printed publication requires.

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Direct Links

Link product and other content presented in your magazine directly to your website so readers can browse additional information on your site.

Forever Ready

Over 70% of people read emails on their mobile devices. 75% of these people will instantly delete the email if it is not instantly readable. We design content that enables you to reach your audience anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Track, measure and react to the changing appetite and habits of your audience. Collect valuable data about how readers are engaging with your content such as opens, page views, dwell times, referral traffic, outbound links clicked and social shares.


Rich Content

Seamlessly embed promotional videos or other rich media into your in-house publication.

Social Media Sharing

Spread the word by easily and quickly sharing each issue via your social media channels – an excellent way of reaching out to new prospects and growing your database.

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