Impress your clients & win new business

Using our new, unique and interactive way of presenting your content, you’ll have the opportunity to impress an engage with new prospects and turn them into new business!  You can build in strong ‘call to action’ prompts, and tell a positive story about just how good your business is.  The reader won’t feel like they are being bombarded with propaganda as they will be in complete control of what they tap or click – so they feel like they are making the decisions.

Turn your publication into a USP

When potential customers see how professional each issue looks, they will certainly be impressed. To help you secure new business, you can present your products and services in a professional and memorable digital interactive publication that is delivered directly to the inbox of your applicants.

Ongoing Brand Awareness

Stay in touch with all your prospects by sending regular issues to your database. Include relevant and interesting content, industry news and factual information that keeps them interested and informed. Even if they are not buying or selling straight away, each issue will build awareness of your brand and when the time comes, you will be right there as their first choice.


“Never before have Hetheringtons had a product that engages with our database so effectively. We regularly experience a 40% increase in Market Appraisals after publishing each issue which translates into more instructions.

Stand out from the Competition

Blatant self-promotion is absolutely necessary…your business is great and people need to know about it! During the readers’ journey through each issue, focus on building a positive picture of your brand by including information that helps you connect with your clients in this competitive marketplace. Give readers relevant and interesting content; bring to life aspirational properties and spotlight industry news or present factual information that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Our clients regularly report:

  • More interaction with their publication
  • Longer dwell time on each page
  • More shares of their content

Boost Web Traffic

Nobody likes traffic… unless it is going in the direction of your website.  Inbound links are an important factor in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  When readers click on a product or link in your magazine, they are taken to that exact location on your website, giving them additional information which not only increases traffic to your site, but improves your SEO and Google ranking.

Cost Effective

A digital magazine eliminates overhead, production, and material costs that a printed publication requires. We deliver quality premium digital property publishing services that are helping clients grow market share by winning new business – Premium and Quality does not always have to mean expensive. Contact us and we’ll show you how cost effective our publishing services really are.